About Us


Our Family & Stalwart Critters

In 2015, after extensive research on various livestock heritage breeds we purchased a small flock of purebred, registered Icelandic sheep and brought them to Thunder Bay.  We were looking for hardy breeds that could easily tolerate the harsh winters of Thunder Bay and flourish with minimal input.  It was our hope that our flock could grow along side our growing family and not only provide sustenance to our family while also precious learning opportunities to our young children.

It has been quite a journy so far, with farm more learning experienes then we could have originally imagined.  Our Icelandic sheep flock has grown to nearly 30 breeding individuals, with the import of a second flock from Sault Ste Marie in 2019.  To aid us in working with the sheep we also added an Icelandic Sheepdog to our farm, and relocated to a 160 acre property where our family and critters can continue to grow.

In 2020 we anticipate the addition of a hardy, heritage breeds of poultry which our daughters are looking forward to raising from chicks/ducklings.