Delightful Little Sheepdog

Katla, our Icelandic sheepdog never stops delighting us. While she is very far from being fully trained, through instinct alone she has already shown herself to be very helpful with the sheep. There have been a number of occasions where I have needed to move a sheep and have control of the head, but have not been able to move them alone. A call of “get the sheep” to Katla and she has jumped right in to bark and nip at the sheep’s legs and get it moving for me – I just then have to steer.

While small, weighing around 24 lbs, Katla is already extremely fast, agile and clever. We recently clocked her running beside a snowmobile, and she could maintain a 45km/hr run. She also has invented several games, including a running circuit, and a “stay on the hay bale” game, involving her climbing up on the large round bales and trying to stay on them while I roll them.

Despite her energy and drive, she has also turned out to be a great family dog. She generally “turns off” she is in the house, and has proven to be fantastic with the children. She is also loves cuddles, and is constantly seeking out the opportunity to snuggle with family members. And of course she is adorable. We look forward to continuing to watch her has she matures.

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