Sheep for sale

The 2020 lambing season is expected to occur between March and June, 2020.  This year, we have over 15 breeding ewes and 4 breeding rams.  Please contact us early to reserve specific lineages.

Lamb for sale

We still have some 2019 lambs that will not be kept or sold as breeding stock.  Please contact us if interested in whole lambs or specific cuts.  We also have a variety of frozen cuts and sausages available.

Fleece & Sheep products

We currently do not have any Icelandic Sheep fleece available.  The next shearing will occur in the warmer months of 2020.  We may also have hides and horns available early in 2020.

Eggs for sale

Anticipated summer 2020, through farm gates sales.

2018 Icelandic Fleece Shear Day 1

Next Steps...

Some of our products are only available seasonally.  Please contact us for more information on the availability of Icelandic Sheep, Icelandic Lamb, Icelandic Fleece, other Icelandic Sheep products and other Stalwart Farm products.